For the month of April 2013 , here is a list of 25 beautifully designed business cards that we picked from around the web. These business cards vary from shape, color, printing techniques used, so you have a variety of samples to choose from.  From letterpressed business cards to hand stamped to custom shaped cards, we are hopeful  that you can find something inspiring from this page.

Each preview image below is linked to the original page where they were sourced. So if you need more information about a particular business card design, simply click on the preview image. In case you missed our previous monthly roundup of best business cards, please view them as well by visiting the links below:

01-Pebble Stone Design
A creative Business cards using natural Pebble stone.

pebble stone business card

o2-  Cotton Letterpress Business Cards for Hung C. Tran Photography
Designed for La Jolla, California  photography company,  these cards were printed on 100% cotton and feature two-sided and two-colored design.

cotton letterpress business card design

03-Biodegradable Plastic Design
The business cards design is patterned after a swipe card with a QR code at the back, similar to that of a computer chipboard. Printed on biodegradable gloss plastic (representing the sustainable side of the company) and printed with 4 colors.

swipe card biodegradable business card design

04- Wearhouse Business Cards
These business cards are part of a branding for a community fashion space where local youths and artists could gather to design, make and sell bespoke clothing.

thick card board brown business cards

05- Emily Wong Business Cards
These business cards were designed for a fashion designer and makeup artist Emily Wong. This initial emblem incorporates a dot on the right, which signifies the beauty mark that people recognize her by. An alternative approach to design her business card is reflected by the black-on-black arrangement.

black emblem business card design


06- Simple Business Card Design for Red Dirt
Red Dirt sells beautiful phone cases that enable clean water access around the world.

best business cards simple minimalist


07- J&B Nelson Construction
This is a conceptual re-brand project for a family construction business. The concept inspired by a construction floor plan and blue print.

dark letterpress business cards for construction


08-House of van Schneider Business Cards
An all black and very elegant set of business cards. Find out more about the technique used to print this card as well as the story behind it after the jump.

elegant black business card design


09- Pentagon Shaped Business Cards
A multi-fold brochure and business card for an art school.

pentagon shaped business cards


10-Yellow Letterpress Business Card
This card features a simple knockout design , with all of the card front receiving  ink except for the logo.

yellow letterpress business cards


11- La Braseria – Business cards
These simple letterpress business cards were designed and printed for the family restaurant La Braseria.

brown simple letterpress business cards


12- Transfer Activities Group Stamped Business Cards

hand stamped business cards

13- REMIXED Business Cards (4th Generation)
These cards use Neenah Epic Black 130DTC Triplexed,  2-color foil for the front, 1-color foil for the back and metallic foil edge gilding.

blue business cards with metallic edge painting


14- Techlion Business Cards in Brown and Yellow

brown yellow business cards


15- Helix Business Cards

black glossy business cards


16- Scratch or Scan Business Card
Mystique Brand Communications recently introduced their revised image with clear business cards. The cards featured a ‘Scratch or Scan’ option. Smart phone users with QR readers are able to scan the card and have all of the contact information instantly added to their address book. Others can Scratch the speech bubble away to reveal the contact information.

clear plastic business cards with QR code


17- Gillian Love
Business card for an art consultant. A light weight typeface was developed, but by removing elements of each character, the logo takes on a more abstract personality, whilst retaining a sense of clean simplicity.

simple blue letterpress business card


18- Cinema Candy Design
Using a 220# chipboard with one ink letterpress, the cards will not only wow the brides to be but to make a lasting impression when they meet Cinema Candy, a wedding cinema company. A sense of human touch and brand colors were added with the custom stamps.

hand stamped business cards in brown paper


19- Metal Photographer Cards
Here is a custom-shaped business card for Madi Marie, a fashion photographer based in Southern California. This card utilizes chemical etching and screen printing.

metal business card with laser etching


20- Cork Business Cards
This is a 24pt Cork business card printed double sided. The cork is from recycled wine bottles.

cork business cards


21- Yellow Letterpress Business Card
This card uses debossing of two pure colors and uses thick cut paper.

yellow letterpress business cards with deboss


22- PivotShare Business Cards
These business cards were created to mimic tickets, since the company’s platform involves paying for media. A thick spot UV on die cut were done using coated stock to achieve a discovery effect with the cards.

ticket shaped die cut business cards in blue


23- Jake Macapagal Business Card

actor business card-textured stock in dark color


24- Five Tailors
Business cards for a branding and web agency.

white letterpress minimalist business cards


25-Look and Do It
A typographic letterpress business card for a graphic design studio that specializes in branding

white simple letterpress business cards with edge paint


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