Today, we are going to showcase more than 50 card templates that you can use for free in case you decide to design your own unique business card. Since these are templates, all you need to do is to open these files in either Photoshop (for PSD files ) or Illustrator (for AI and EPS files) or Corel Draw (for CDR files). All the layers of these cards are editable so you can even change the color of the background image or add some design elements to the existing ones. Just replace the text with your personal data and have it printed in your home or office printer. You can also have these printed in a professional printing house if you have the budget. We do not host these files in our own server because obviously these are not our  creations. If you find a dead link or if a certain file does not exist, please let us know so we could update or remove it.

If you do not know what to do with these file, checkout our post on business card tutorials. Have fun and be creative!


20 Business Card Templates from Open Graphics
Here are around 20 free business card templates for you to get started. Remember to add your own graphics and photos to personalize these cards further. Some of these cards are full color while some are black and whites. These include some minimal graphics and layout samples – all vector graphics. Also remember to follow the printer’s recommendations for crop marks, cut lines and bleed settings.

create your own free business card templates

Free Vector Card Designs
This set includes a total of 30 vector business cards that you can use for free. All of the design elements in these free templates are vector and therefore editable. The business card designs are also available in bright colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, etc.  To use the free templates, simply open the EPS file in programs like Illustrator, CorelDraw or Freehand then extract the background that you want to use.

more free business card templates

Personal Business Card Templates
Here are some personal business card designs that you can readily use. They may not be uniquely amazing inspirational designs but I thought they’re pretty stylish. Simply replace the text with your own name and contact details, print and enjoy your very own personal business cards.

free personal business card templates

Customizable Business Cards
Here is a set of 5 customizable business cards in Photoshop (PSD) format. Each design measures 55mm by 90mm with added 3mm bleed lines. There are five (5) colors to choose from as your base. The templates are also two-sided, with the face of the card containing the logo and name of the company or business while details can be put on the back of the card.

free customizable business card templates

6 Exclusive Free Business Card Templates
There are 6 fresh and unique free business card template designs in this set that you can use in designing your own cards. These cards were created in Illustrator and saved in EPS format. You may open and edit the EPS files in Illustrator or other vector graphic program like CorelDraw or Freehand. If you want to personalize your card further, you may also add your own graphics, throw in some text and maybe put some photos.

exclusive free business card templates

Illustrator Business Card Templates from Dry Icons
This free template come in .EPS file format. You will need a vector editing program to open this file (such as Adobe Illustrator).

free illustrator business card templates

12 Fashion Business Cards
Here is a set of 9 fashion business card templates that you can use for free. Perfect for promoting your boutique or any business related to fashion. The color schemes range from yellow to brown but since these are in EPS, you cal always change the color to any shade that you want.

free fashion business card templates

Folded Business Card Templates
Included in this set are three designs for a folded or tent business cards that you can use for free. All three files have proper cropping marks with adequate bleeding for background images.

free folded business card templates

Colorful Business Cards
Here are four EPS templates consisting of business cards in colorful assortments. Each design consists of beautiful design elements such as swirls, florals, butterflies and more.

free colorful business card templates

Stylish business card template from Dry Icons
A set of two business card templates in black and white that you can use for free in making your own cards. The file that you can download is in EPS format.

free stylish business card templates

Abstract Business Card Templates
Includes 8 templates in vector format.

free abstract business card templates

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