One of the things to be considered when designing a business card is the color scheme or theme. For big businesses which usually have a branding, their business card usually follow the colors and typography used across the different marketing and sales branding materials that they produce. But, if you are a small-time businessman or a freelancer, you have more flexibility on the choice of color for your business card.

The color orange is one of the top color choices when it comes to branding, particularly business cards. Orange is a very attractive and bright color and goes well with white and black.  Orange, which was named after the fruit with the same name, radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Also, when we think of orange juice, we think of a nice, refreshing beverage. Thus, this color is popular for restaurants and other food business, for sports-related business, even telecoms.  In fact, this color is very versatile that it can be used by any industry or business.


In this post, we gathered 35 inspiring business cards in orange color. In case you are looking for examples on how to design an orange business card, this collection will surely give great inspiration. The images below are just low-res pictures and were displayed for demo purposes only. Make sure to check the source to view more pictures and information about each card by clicking on the preview image.


01-Caliber Creative Business Cards
Letterpress business card in orange with embossed and debossed lettering. The typographic design makes this card look ultra modern.

orange letterpress typographic business cards


02- Carolyn Springer Business Card
A rectangular and thin business card and a bright orange spot color printed via letterpress printing.

orange letterpress slim business cards


03- Low Winter Sun Business Cards
Branding for consultant Jonathan Atkinson. The stationery is foil blocked in gloss black with the addition of a clear foil on the reverse of the business cards, all on Mandarin colorplan stationery.

orange letterpress foil business cards


04- Bold Orange Letterpress
Bold orange letterpress designed by Lettera Magica and made for Creative Studio Skill Lab. The typography, style, color, and shape really make this card unique!

orange letterpress embossed business cards


05- Cured Creative business cards
Front side of the Cured Creative business cards featuring the studio/company logo, a stylized pig snout. Offset printed with gold foil stamp.

orange with gold foil business cards


06-Rounded Corner Business Card
This business card was silkscreened orange and black on PVC. The highlighting is a mild touch of varnish on top of the orange.

orange round corner business cards


07- Orange Business Cards With Typographic Design

orange typographic business cards


08- Orange milk Identity by ~samuraydesign

orange business card design


09- Karpediem Designs Orange Business Card

orange business card design


10- Business Card for Jennifer Daniel
Business card stamped on orange color paper.

orange stamped business card design


11- Handy Business Card with Ruler by ~DarkoAb
This handy business card design will be perfect for home maintenance and repair business and hardware stores, but it can be used for any other business.

orange business card design with ruler


12- Lush Handmade Cosmetics Business Cards

orange business card design with nature theme


13-Business Card for Render
The business cards below have been white foiled into 540gsm duplex colourplan. The face of the card is in orange and the back in black.

orange business card design with architectural theme


14-optiMICE Business Cards
Business card in orange with puzzle pieces as background.

orange business card design


15- Mottis Business cards
This business cards are in mini rectangular size, utilizing bright, sun-kissed Pantone Orange 021.

orange mini rectangle business card design


16- Touchpoint’s Foil, Letterpress and Laser Cut Business Cards

orange mini rectangle business card design with foil


17- Business Card for Joey Teehan
The card is a minimalist typographic design printed using a single color on both sides (Pantone Orange 021U & K) on 400 grams uncoated stock.

orange business card design


18- Beewizard Orange Business Cards

orange business card design


19- Cool Orange Business Cards

orange business card design


20- Sketchbot Business Card
Orange business card for Sketchbot printed on recycled paper stock.

orange business card design using recycled paper


21- Duo Business Cards
A business card that is bright and clean. This was achieved using bright orange and white.

orange and white business card design


This plastic PVC business cards were printed by Morning Print. The card are in full color print with rounded corners.

orange pvc plastic business card design


23-A1 Renovation Business Cards
Silk laminated business cards in white and orange for renovation company.

orange and white business card design


24- Exit Business Card
Unique Laser-Cut Business Card for Stage Left Studio Firm.

black and orange business card design


25- Business Card for Akbar Restaurant
Rounded business card for Akbar Restaurant made using bright orange colors.

orange rounded business cards


26- Creative Internet Technologies. Business Card
Double sided business card in orange and white.

orange and white business card design


27- Illustration Business Cards
Orange business cards printed via letterpress on thick stock with embossing.

orange letterpress embossed business cards


28- Trip Studio
Business card of Trip Studio in glossy orange with white borders.

orange and white business card design


29- Alphabet Arm
Printed with two colors (black and 141 U) on 160 pound, uncoated cover stock. The cards are finished by hand with an arrow hole-punch.

orange business card design


30- Magma Business Cards
Created for automotive consultation company, Magma, this card has foil blocked onto duplexed colourplan orange and black.

orange and black letterpress foil business cards


31-Jukes Design Business Cards
A minimalist business card in two colors.  The cards have letterpress blind impression on all white text to add texture and edge painted for additional impact.

orange and white letterpress business card design


32- Bright Orange Letterpress
A thick letterpress business card with fluorescent orange on the side with debossing on the face and back.

orange letterpress embossed business cards with edge painting


33- Chad Norwood Orange Edge painted Business Cards

orange letterpress embossed business cards with edge painting


34- Vibrant Orange Square Business Cards
Vibrant orange edge painted business cards letterpress printed on heavy cotton.

orange letterpress embossed business cards with edge painting


35- 19 Marks Design Business Cards
Letter pressed on Neenah Neutech #160 cover using Black and 1665U (orange) with edge coloring. Printed at The Mandate Press.

orange letterpress embossed business cards with edge painting


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