Let us start this year by looking back at the most awesome business cards ever made last year–2013. Below, you will find a showcase of 35 beautiful business cards, featuring a wide variety of concepts and designs. Indeed, if you want a business card that will truly stand out, you have to think of extraordinary ways to achieve it. In this round up, you will find designs that make use of unique materials , extraordinary shapes, ultra minimalist concepts, and a lot more. If you are a loyal follower of our blog, you will notice that most of these designs were already featured in our monthly “top picks”.  But for this annual roundup, we only picked the best of the bests! We hope you will find some inspiration in these lovely work of art. Enjoy and may the new year brings us happiness, hope and lasting peace.

01- Cut-Out Business Cards
This was designed for Relaciones Públicas, a public relations agency. Contact information is placed on a cutout of bold and thick letter “R”.


02- ISIS Studio
These cards were part of a new identity for a photo studio in Toronto. The design concept integrated the play of “light and shadow” into the new branding.


03- House by We-Brooklyn Real Estate
A traditional letterpress printed business cards in muted earth colors. The patterned logo design at the back of the card made this card an outstanding piece.

real estate letterpress business card

04- Base Art Co Business Cards
A thick letterpress printed business card featuring de-bossed logo in big types. The card is very sturdy at 320 GSM, made possible by putting together two stocks.

letterpress de-bossed logo business card

05- Cheese Grater Metal Business Cards
A clever functional metal business card produced for a Brazilian specialist cheese shop. It is made of light metal and has the size of a classic business card, with each card coming with its own protective sleeve. It really does work as a miniature cheese grater, thus it easily became a popular among customers of this shop.

cheese grater metal business card

06-3D Tetrahedron Business Cards
A three-dimensional business card for a graphic artist. The card functions like an origami, where you can fold and twist it to make different forms and shapes.

3d origami business card design

07- BV Photographie
New visual identity for a photographer. The cards looks luxurious with its thick and textured stock in pure black.

black embossed letterpress business card

08- Nicola Schito: Film Maker Business Cards
This business card was inspired by vintage cinema tickets. The size is different from other business cards, and it was printed on a soft-yellow natural paper. Using a QR code on the back you can grab the business card data directly on your smartphone.

cinema tickets-inspired business cards

09- Sylvain Toulouse Wooden Business Cards
To make his business card unique, this designer decided to use radical splinter-free wood instead of the usual paper stock. For the logo, he decided to use his personal distinct eyeglasses to further personalized his business card.

unique wooden business cards

10- fFurious Name Card
A minimalist design, featuring one-color printing and intricate embossing finish. To suggest the various specializations that the agency specializes, geometric patterns were used . These were embossed to create an intriguing, sensory experience which delivers an immediate and lasting impact.

letterpress embossed white on white thick business cards

11- Vicente García Morillo: Clean Letterpress Business Card
These cards were letterpress printed using white stamping film and one direct color print. To thicken the cards, three layers of paper were stuck together, making each card weigh 920 grams.

clean white letterpress business card design

12- Helga Valdis-Graphic Designer and Illustrator
These cards were printed on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White cotton paper 300 GSM with blind embossing for bold types. Other details on the card were printed using red ink and in small types.

letterpress embossed white on white thick business cards

13- Sue B Photography Letterpress Cards
Blind impressions work best with large type as illustrated in this project. These cards were letterpress printed on 220lb Crane’s Lettra in the fluorescent white color, with the logo converted to a blind impression.

white letterpress business cards with blind embossed logo

14- Wearhouse Community Fashion Space in Dandenong, Australia
These are “sewing kit” style business cards that were letterpress printed on a natural board. Each card was then hand-wound with spools of thread in colours representative of Dandenong’s multicultural community.

fashion project business cards

15- House of van Schneider
A beautiful, minimalist business card in black and white. The back of this thick card features only the logo while the front of the card displays the name and the email address of its owner.

minimalist black and white letterpress business cards

16- Business Cards for Advertising Agency
These cards for VERG advertising were printed on thick 600 GSM Crane Lettra Pearl White stock, with one spot colour and a beautiful blind impression.

letterpress business cards for advertising agency

17- Laura Fish, Visual Designer
This business card was designed for a cross-disciplined multimedia specialist, helping clients explore interactive possibilities and visual experiences within today’s digital environment. The front of the card features various icons, each representing the type of work and specialization offered. The design were hot stamped using one color (black) and edge painted with aquamarine.

stamped business cards for visual designer

18- Zsófi Dobos-Interior Designer Business Cards
These all-natural business cards were created for a young, talented architect and interior designer. The concept was to use natural, rough materials as cardboard and recycled paper. Stamps were then used for to create texture and print text to both sides of the business card.

recycled business card for interior designer

19- Business Cards for Actress Anne Lessmeister
A very special self-produced businesscards for actress Anne lessmeister. The project also includes a video of the production process.

unique business cards for actress

20- Letterpress Business Card – De-tached
Here is a black and white business card for De-tached, producer of bespoke music for media. These were letterpress printed on 540gsm Duplex black/white. Silver ink on black and black ink on white.

blackblack and white letterpress business cards

21-  Jordan Verlage, Photographer Cards
These business cards make use of digital camera/viewfinder concept.

camera viewfinder-inspired business card

22- Carina Vinke Minimalist Business Card
Minimalist business card identity for Dutch singer Carina Vinke. Triple layered stock paper with only her name pressed. When handed out, each card will be personalized by Carina with a pen to give it a special impression.

white minimalist business cards

23- Sliced Bread Business Cards by Jukeboxprint.com
This was produced using 45pt kraft stock with lots of heat and pressure. The outer card was glazed with real baking ingredients before baked in a UV coater.

sliced bread business card

24- Business Cards for 40/40 Creative
A unique brown business card printed on thick paper for a design agency. The card features icons, each rep[resenting the type of work that the agency does.

brown business card for a design agency

25-  Julien Hauchecorne Business card
These business cards were printed on two subtle duplexed uncoated smooth paper manufactured by GFSmith to reach 700 gsm. the cards have deep debossed monogram logo on the front side.

thick black embossed business card

26- Golden Letterpress Cards for Turn Style
Here is a lovely identity printed using golden ink via letterpress printing. Using natural art paper, edges were painted using golden leaf with gold foil stamping to give it that sleek look.

golden letterpress business cards

27- Guitar Business Cards
These business cards introduce the fun of learning to play the guitar within moments of holding them. Raised thermographic printing add a nice dimension to the guitar chord diagram and serve as tactile indicators for accurate finger placement.

guitarist business cards with thermographed design

28- David Vignes Personal Business Cards
Beautiful and colorful business cards that come with a brown kraft envelopes.

red business cards with sleeves

29- BIVA Inspiration Business card
Printed on ultra thick business cards, this card was also custom die cut to make it extra unique.

die cut thick business card

30- Branding for Sexton
These cube or box-like business cards were part of a branding campaign for Sexton. Not sure if Sexton is a development project, as the source at behance did not elaborate on it. But, it’s a very nice concept for a business card. So we are including it in this top pick roundup. More photos from source.

cube box business card design

31- Pierre Desmarais – Music Composer
This very creative but budget-friendly business card design uses only one color, black and printed on 16 pts silk laminated paper. There is UV spot gloss on both sides to emphasize the equalizer-like design. The custom die-cut makes the card look unique yet simple and effective.

music composer business card

32- Luke Bampton Hand-made Business Cards
These Lego toys are actually business cards designed for a graphic designer.

lego business card for designer

33- Metal Photographer Cards
Here is a custom-shaped business card for Madi Marie, a fashion photographer based in Southern California. This card utilizes chemical etching and screen printing.

metal camera shaped business card

34- Scratch or Scan Business Card
The cards features a ‘Scratch or Scan’ option. Smart phone users with QR readers are able to scan the card and have all of the contact information instantly added to their address book. Those who do not have access to smart phones, on the other hand, can scratch the speech bubble away to reveal the contact information.

transparent business card with scan or scratch option

35- Irwin Alterations
This card a clothing alteration company uses a subtle, yet effective brand concept through using typeface and other graphic elements creatively. It features a‘stitch’ as an embossed element in a very minimalist and clean looking design.

minimalist business card for clothing alteration company

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