In this post, we are giving away a set of business card templates in three various designs and color themes. These templates are customizable so you can use it as starting point in creating your own business cards. Created in Adobe Photoshop CS5, each template or file has layers that are organized for easy editing. All you need to do is replace the texts and logo and presto! you have a customized business cards you can print and distribute to your friends and clients.

Although created  with designers in mind, these business card templates can be used, however, by anyone who needs a personal business card. These business cards follow the American standard size of 3.5 inches by 2 inches. The templates are in CMYK color space just in case you want to have it printed via offset printers. The PSD files also have one-fourth of an inch bleed margins. In other words, these templates and print-ready. All you need to do is change the name and details on the face of the card.

The face or front design of the business cards include the name, designation, contact details and QR codes. QR or quick response code is actually a type of bar code that lets customers – and potential customers – instantly learn more about a business or establishment since it can store a URL of  of a business’ website. You can generate a QR code for yourself from Kaywa, a free QR generator site .

These business card templates are free for personal use. Please do not make these  templates available for download outside of this site nor claim it as your own design. We hope you will find these retro business cards useful. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. But liking, pinning or tweeting about this post will make us happiest… Enjoy!

Please note that the logo used in this design are for demonstration purposes only. Ifyou need more free logos like the one used in this design, please proceed to GMK Logos.

IMPORTANT! The download file is password-protected to prevent hotlinking and discourage people from violating terms of use of our templates. We have been seeing our templates being distributed by other sites without our permission. PASSWORD for these templates is: “bbc”



Hit the button below to download this retro business card template from Mediafire. The archived filr (.rar) is around 37MB in size.

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PW: bbc

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