Happy New Year everyone! Once again, we are featuring what we believe are the 25 best business card designs released for the month of December 2012. We included in this post a variety of designs, from minimalist to colorful to laser to letterpress printed and a lot more! The intent of having this roundup is to give you inspiration about business card designs and to look at the new trends in this area.

To know more about each design, simply click on the preview image and it will take you to the source page where you can get additional information about the design. Information about who designed and printed the card are available at the source page. I hope you will find something inspiring in this post. May the new year bring us new hope and prosperity!

01-Eco Paper Business Card
Designed by Rock Design for Preface Design Studio, this thick business card made use of eco-friendly Kraft Paper.


eco-friendly thick business cards using Kraft paper

02- White Plastic Business Cards by Drew Hoffman
This business cards were made of white plastic with the information laser-etched on the surface.

plastic business card laser etched


03-Photogenica PhotoBooth
A two-sided business card design for photo booth business. The look of the business card matches the web design.

photo booth business card


04-Dot’s Business Card
A typographic business card with catchy copy and slogan for a creative agency. The use of black and white and bold types make this card a looker.

typographic business card design


05-Stay Fed Business Cards
These vintage-looking business cards were designed in for Brooklyn-based Stay Fed studio and printed in Greece.

vintage business cards


06- Sugar High
A delicious, fun, and beautiful business cards for a confections bakery that creates “Decadent Sweets and Other Treats” for social events, weddings, and themed parties.

pink sweet business cards


07- Burn Business Card
Diamond Plate Stainless Steel Business Card
A stainless steel business c that makes use of surface etched diamond plate design and cut-through types. The surface of the card was then powder coated to make the texture more noticeable.

metal business card with laser etching


08-APO Business Cards
Simple, but strong marketing piece for a small business.

architect simple business card


09- Shinola Branding
Business Card design for a lifestyle brand. This cards also work as tags.

pastel color business cards and tags


10-Caroline Biosvert Branding by Chez Valois
Wonderfully designed business card with a sliding visual effect created for results coach Caroline Biosvert.

interactive business cards


11- Robot Business Card by Thomas Christensen
Self promotional laser cut business card in the shape of a robot!

robot business cards


12- Black Minimalism by Estudio Paica
Black minimalism card with a bright yellow edge painted finish created for Estudio Paica.

black minimal business card


13-Lourdes de Rioja Business Cards by elcalotipo
These dainty business cards were printed via letterpress. Texts were printed using gold foil.

letterpress dainty white business card


14-Gold on black business cards

gold on black business cards


15-Deep Search Audio letterpress business card

white letterpress business cards


16-The Ham and Cheese business card

creative illustration business card


17-A Photo Agency
A red business card with blind impression for a local studio.

red thick business card


18-Polaroid Business CardWhat’s unique about this business card is, you can actually write on it so that it becomes more personal.



19-Wild Life Photographer Business Cards
A business card design for a wild life photographer featuring sample photographs of wild animals.

wildlife photographer business card

20-Fat Cork back
Letterpress printed business cards with embossing for Fat Cork.

embossed letterpress business card


21- White Aluminum Business Card

aluminum business card


22- Personal Business Cards
These colorful business cards come in two versions: one for general creative work, one for styling.

colorful business cards


23- Orka Collective brand new business cards

letterpress stamped business card


24-Letterpress Business Cards for Pillows factory
These letterpress business cards come in three colors: white, brown and black.

letterpress earth toned business cards


25-Basswood Business Card

basswood business cards



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