Metal business card is one great option if you are looking to have a unique card that does not only stand out from the rest but also last longer. That’s because metal business cards stand out, get noticed, and do not get thrown away. One of the greatest advantages of a metal business card is the fact that it can withstand almost anything and it does not fade or get scratched. Most metal business cards are manufactured using stainless steel or aluminum. Designs and engravings are done by chemically etching the surface of the steel or by cutting through the card with precision or via laser cutting and etching.

If you are planning to have a metal business card for yourself, try looking first at some incredibly designed examples that we gathered together in this post. I bet, you will be ordering your metal business cards after reading this post and I am sure you will never go back to paper. To view the cards in large resolution and view more details about each of them, simply click on the text link provided below each preview image.

#01– 6225 metal business card
Downright dangerous business card by Brent Altomare. Groovy Like a Movie.

personalized metal business card

#02– Shawn Colins
A good-looking metal business card by Plasma Design.

good-looking metal business card

#03– Solid Metal Business Cards
Etched and Die Cut 10pt Stainless Steel, Brass or Copper.

die-cut metal business card

#04– Capsule Design Business Cards
An outstanding, beautiful business cards for a design company.

capsule design metal business card

#05 – Kevin Mitnick Business Card
Super hacker-turned-security-consultant Kevin Mitnick has a great business card – it’s a lock pick kit! Mitnick is a computer security consultant who was a controversial computer hacker in the late 20th century.

lock pick metal business card

#06 –  Ice Shadow Studio’s Business Card

sleek metal business card

#07– Aluminum Business Card

aluminum metal business card

#08– Stainless steel laser etched business card
This is a stainless steel and brass business card designed as an oversized dog tag. We used die cutting and laser etching. The metal is equal to a 18pt.

stainless steel metal business card

#09– Stylish Brushed Metal Business Card
Simple, professional but stylish. It’s got your name looking like it’s engraved on brushed metal.

stylish metal business card

#10– Mattson Creative Business Card
Metal goodness with sticker info accents.

creative metal business card

#11– Duffy

etched metal business card

#12 – Lodge

lodge metal business card

#13 – NGAP National Greyhound Adoption Program

dog tag metal business card

#14 – Jake Mates

cool metal business card

#15 – Alexey Kondratiev

minimalistic metal business card

#16 – Black Napkin

awesome metal business card

#17 – Woz’ metal business card

woz metal business card

#18 -Logeen Web Architects

architect metal business card

#19 – Color Plastic Cards Limited

plastic metal business card

#20 -Spex

shiny metal business card

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