Pantone has picked  Radiant Orchid, a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple, as the color of the year for 2014. According to Pantone, this color intrigues the eye and spark the imagination, which is an invitation to innovation. This color encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.

Since it is the beginning of the year, we decided to look at some beautiful examples of business cards using purple as main color for the design or as accent color. To know more about each business card, simply click on the link and you will be directed to the source page where you can view more information as well as high-resolution photos for each project.

01-Letterpress Esvy Cards

letterpress purple business card

02- Kunstrasen Graphic Design
Business card design for the text and communications agency “Twice”.

purple business card with embossed logo

03- Fredrik
Simple letterpress business card with purple side/edge painting.

letterpress business card with purple edge painting

04-  Letterpress Business Card for Baker Associates
Baker’s business card comes in four color variations. Showcased below is the purple variant. Printed on thick paper in undersized narrow format.

letterpress business card with purple logo and text

05- Purple Plaid Textured Business Cards
These are over sized plaid patterned business cards for creative venture PlaidLab. Vibrant colors were used and the overprinting inks made rich and saturated secondary colors.

plaid patterned letterpress business card

06-  Forward Blotter Business Cards
These cards, which were printed for a digital agency, ironically feel very un-digital and textural.They are printed on very thick 50pt stock. This blotter board has an uneven pulp formation that gives the flood of ink a washed, almost denim feel on the soft paper stock. The cards are edge colored in a matching purple.

thick purple letterpress business cards

07- Nara Business Cards
These cards were printed using a technique called split fountain printing, wherein two ink colors are put on the same roller to achieve a gradient. In this example, pink and purple were combined to achieve a very simple yet attractive overall look.

gradient letterpress business card

08-Brathw8 Studios Letterpress Cards
The letterpress printing on the damask pattern background and the text was done in a deep purple in using white stock.

deep purple letterpress business card with damask pattern

09- Phil Wood Photo
A mini business card design for a photographer. It uses purple ink on the text and the square tiles pattern on the face of the card.

purple mini business card for photographer

10- Amzuri: Business Consultant Business Cards
A business card design in deep purple for a business consulting firm. The rich purple color makes this card look very elegant.

elegant thick business card in deep purple

11- Baby Cakes Letterpress Business Card
The patterned side of this card was created by hand cutting linoleum while the information side was plated from a digital file.

purple letterpress business card for cake company

12-Kevin Cheng Business Card
This business card for a retail and exhibition designer makes use of pink and purple for its logo and information. The contrast of the pink and purple shade against a solid black background  plus the interesting play of shapes in its logo makes this card hard to ignore.

purple business card for designer

13- Nicholas Zastrow Letterpressed Business Cards
A simple yet very elegant letterpress printed business card for a graphic designer/web developer.

simple letterpress business card with purple logo and text

14-Accountant Business Cards
Another example of attractive purple business cards, this time, with UV spot coating.

purple business card with spot UV

15- Sweet Candy Violet Business Card

purple business card for designer

16- Zoë Grave Studio Cards
Business cards for Zoë Grave of ZGStudio, a web and graphic design firm. The business cards were printed on thick stock to allow edge printing, which was done in purple.

purple edge painted letterpress business card

17-  CFDesigner Letterpress Business Cards
Business cards for Chantale Fontaine, an interior designer based in Montreal, Québec, Canada. The cards turned out great with a good mix of color and a touch of edge coloring to add pop.

purple edge painted letterpress business card

18- Business Cards for Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs
Here is another beautiful letterpress printed business card with side or edge coloring in purple.

purple edge painted letterpress business card

19- Space 150 Business Cards
These cards were printed in three colors(flood of black, purple and blue) and 2 color letterpress printed on the reverse (blue and tonal white). They have a unique two color gradient treatment on their edges.

purple gradient edge painted letterpress business card

20-Victoria Green Business Card Design
This purple business cards was designed for Victoria Green, a social work agency dealing with women and victims of domestic violence.

purple business card for social work agency

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