A new year could be the best time to also come up with a new look for your personal promotion materials. For the month of January 2013, we rounded up a total of 21 new business card designs that hopefully could provide some inspirations for those who are thinking of coming up with  a redesigned business card. From unique shapes to retro look to interactive business cards, you will surely find something suitable for you. Have a great day ahead.

01-Branding for Sexton
These box-like business cards were part of a branding campaign for Sexton. More photos from source.

best business cards black foldable

02- Pierre Desmarais – Music Composer
This very creative but budget-friendly business card design was designed by Agent Illustrateur. It uses only one color, black and printed on 16 pts silk laminated paper. There is UV spot gloss on both sides to emphasize the equalizer-like design. The custom die-cut makes the card look unique yet simple and effective.

best business cards musician composer

03- Business Card for a Make-Up Artist

makeup artist business cards

04- Stay Fed Business Cards
Each card is unique since each of these cards were printed by using different ink and different paper. It is incredible how each card is unique and is an excellent conversation piece.

unique business cards

05- IAM Branding & Design
IAM is a multi disciplined studio which was established in 2011 with the main focus on creating pieces of design and brands that have impact, standout, a point of difference and and most importantly brands that work.

best business cards simple minimalist

06-Martina Flor
Business card for someone who love brush lettering, connected scripts, flourishes and detail. Letterpress printed on a thick board with blind impressions.

best business cards letterpress blind emboss

07- Business cards Hoofd&Letters
Business card design for Hoofd&Letters as part of their visual identity.

white letterpress business cards embossed

08- One-Colour Letterpress
One-colour letterpress by the Design Firm.

white one-color letterpress business card

09- Michael Barley Business Card
Unique and vintage-looking business card for a photographer.

business cards for photographer

10- BIVA Inspiration Business card
Thick and custom die cut business card for inspiration.

best business cards letterpress thick

11- NFC Business Cards

best business cards simple minimalist

12-3D Glasses Business Card
To show the partnership and connection between two founders in Madult stationery. We have choose idea of 3D glass to represent it. Blue for Kevin, red for Tam. Over printed the information on our name card, envelope and letter head. If you want to see kevin information on his name card, you have to see through the colored PVC on Tam’s name card. To show we always work as a team and the brotherhood.

3d glasses business cards

13- JB Business Card with Removable QR Code Snipet
JB Business card with a removable QR Code snipet (Perforated joint) in it’s classic executive light grey/grey color scheme. This business card is also another Pocket Business card. Actual size 1.5 inches

best business cards qr code

14-55 Max
A custom logotype and stationery set for London based art-print sellers, 55 Max. They offer both affordable off-the-shelf art and completely bespoke pieces.

best business cards simple minimalist

15- fFurious Namecard 2012

best business cards letterpress white

16- Self Promotion Mailer
Self promotional piece that was a miniature portfolio with business card and resume.

best business cards graphic designer

17- Personal Identity
Collateral & Iconographic System
The goal was to create a self-identity system that was unique to my character. I wanted to create a raw feel with the stationery along with a set of icons that would quickly describe aspects of who I am and how I work. Conceptually, the materials and design reinforce the “hard-working” aspect of myself that I would consider one of my best traits as a designer.

best business cards brown

18- Steve Li business card
Steve Li is an acupuncturist with outstanding skills. He cures everything from tennis elbow to crippling back problems, He’s that good!

best business cards laser

19- Letterpress business cards on embossed Colorplan duplex card stock
Letterpress printed in two colours and blind deboss on 540gsm duplexed & embossed Colorplan Pristine White/Citrine card stock.
Design by CuCo – cucocreative.co.

best business cards yellow

20- A simple business card with orange edge painting

best business cards orange edge painting


21- Vintage 35mm Slide Business Cards
A unique set of business cards for Flora-lee-ah, a film production company. These business cards were handcrafted.

mini square business cards


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