For the months of February and March 2013, we bring you the 18 best business card designs from around the web. This collection includes a diverse set of designs that include anything from fish dealer to gas distributor to graphic designer business cards. Printed in various ways using different paper textures and thickness, these business cards will surely inspire you in the process of creating your own business cards. To know more about each entry by clicking on the preview image. The source page for each business card has more pictures in higher resolutions plus information and details on how the card was designed and printed. I hope you enjoy this list. have a great day ahead!


01-Skateboard Business Card for Powell Peralta
This business card uses three-ply die cut wooden material with inner florescent pink and blue stock. A super gloss UV was applied on both sides and was later heat treated to perform the bend on the tail. This was finished off with a layer of grip tape.

skater business card-best roundup


02-BV Photographie Black Tent Business Cards
This business card is part of a new visual identity for a specialized artwork photographer.

best business cards black tent


03-The High Five Factory
Very attractive business cards for The High Five Factory, a small business specializing in custom photo booth backdrops and props often used at corporate events, weddings, and parties.

photo booth business card


04-Luke Bampton Hand-made Business Cards
These Lego toys are actually business cards designed for a graphic designer.

lego business cards


05-Foxtrot QR Code Business Card
This is just the design for the back of Foxtrot Media, Inc.’s business card. The dots form a QR code that takes the user to the company’s website when scanned by a smartphone.

qr code business cards


06-Gaspe Cured Business Card
This business card uses a very thick cardboard with blue side paintings. The face of the card features watermarks of various fishes that the company distributes.

fish dealer business cards

07-Windows 8 Inspired Business Card
This business card is inspired by Windows 8 metro interface.

windows 8 inspired business card design


08-Helix Business cards by Inkbot Design
A business card in dark colors for Helix, a firm that  provides network expertise for businesses in Jersey and the Channel Islands.

black patterned business cards


09-Fruit Bageecha business card design by Lemon Graphic
Fruit Bageecha’s Jams and Preserves unit is rooted in the heritage fruit orchards in the Kotgarh region, sourcing fruits from these very orchards to bring you exotic jams and preserves straight from the Himalayas.

red business card designs


10-Letterpress Business Card for Actor
This card designed and letterpress printed by Elegante Press studio on 500 gsm pure cotton paper in black and fluorescent orange with fluorescent orange painted edges.

letterpress edge painted business cards orange


11-Red Optimal business cards
Business card designed for RED Optimal, a firm founded in 2010 and supplies petroleum products in Ukraine.

red business card designs


12-Triplex Business Card
A high-end triplex business card printed by The card features 840gsm triplex card stock, black plus orange paper, deep deboss and copper foil on the logo and a silver foil on the contact information.

foil business cards black


13-Tai Hsiung Huang Unique Business Card
A unique business card by a graphic artist that comes with matching DVD, stickers and infographic resume.

unique business cards


14-Pink Business Cards
A set of 2″x2″ square business cards.

pink business cards


15- 3D Printed Busines Card
A uniquely designed, 3D-printed business card that you may find interesting.

3d cube business cards


16-Uniquely designed Business Card
Freshly designed illustrated business cards by visual designer Rodaq.

unique illustrated business cards


17-Olsen Quality Meats Business Cards
A business card design concept for a butcher.

brown textured business card design for a butcher


18-Letterpress business cards for Sasha Pikula
Business сards for wardrobe genius Sasha Pikula.

white thick letterpress business cards



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