April is almost over! It is time once again for another round of inspiring business card designs from around the web. This time, we gather 17 different lovely designs ranging from simple designs to more complicated ones. Personally, I prefer business cards that are simple yet elegant, especially those thick letterpress printed cards. Also finishing touches such as embossing, debossing, laminating and applying spot UV can make these cards even more attractive.

If you need inspiration in your next designs or if you just want to view and appreciate beautiful business card designs, then you are in the right spot. Know more about each business card, by visiting the source. To do that, simply click on the preview image. Have a great day and I hope you will be inspired by this selection. Until next month!

01-HiVE Screen Printing Business Card
Here is a hundred percent handmade business card for HiVE. It was screen-printed using two inks on white cardboard. The edges were painted with yellow spray paint.

yellow and black edge painted business card

02-Black and White Textured Business Cards
Business cards in one color does not have to be boring. You can make it more interesting by using textures or patterns. In this example, beautiful pattern was used and corners were made rounded to make the card look unique.

black and white textured business card

03-Business cards for Ivan by Steppe Magpie
Unique business card is made in two levels: green text impressed, and vice versa stamped spikelets. On the reverse side is a smooth card.

letterpress embossed business cards in green

04-Retro Business Card
Here is a hand drawn business card design with a retro feel.

hand drawn retro business card design

05-WorkFunc Business Cards
Here is a typographic business card design for inspiration. It features a very simply design but the types in bold make this card stand out.

typograhic business card design

06-Resume Die Cut Business Card
A personal identity that includes a resume mailer, letter size resume ans a business card.

die cut resume business card

07-Plástico, Papel & Tijera Business Card
This is a very simple yet attractive design for a business card. The use of bright colors and beautiful typography can sometimes make a plain white design pop up.

clean and simple business card design

08-Neil Hugh Kenna
Business cards in simple black and white for a marketing and brand consultant for the Australian design industry and brand-led businesses.

black and white patterned illustrated business card

09-Tavern Vinegar Company Business Card
An elegant typographic business card design for Tavern Vinegar Company, a line of barrel and glass aged vinegars produced by Chef Jonathon Sawyer. Chef Sawyer recycles excess beer and wine, making it into vinegar that he uses in his restaurants and sells by the bottle.

typographic business card design in yellow and black

10-Sarah Dawson Photography Business Card
Flourishes and cutouts complete Sarah’s backstory as a bold, feminine world-traveler. Furthermore, the choice of blue for the brand will distinguish her from other photographers.

blue die cut business card for photographer

11-Steve DeCusatis Design Business Cards
These are the last three designs Steve DeCusatis produced for his business cards. Steve changes up the design every time to spice things up a little bit and experiment with different printing techniques. All three of these designs were letterpresses and have debossed backs.

deboss black and white business cards

12-The Luxe Project Business Cards
Here is another fun business card set for Moo.com’s The Luxe Project. This time the art directors from HOW and PRINT designed two sets of cards for which all proceeds go to EPIC.

fun red and black business cards

13-Incognition Business Cards
The brain scan visual was printed in black on a 380gsm Sirio 80 black card with a spot UV finish on the fracture lines. The details of the bearer is printed in metallic silver ink.

elagant black business card with spot UV

14-AURA Blue, Shiny Business Cards
These business cards were printed digitally on an HP Indigo Press using a new technique, similar to older thermography. This process builds up a plasticky, solid varnish as a finishing coat. Graphic Arts Studio helped to achieve a transparent .25 point stroke of this varnish at different intervals emanating from the logo positioning the logotype as an object that casts it’s own aura, invisible to many and powerful in the right light.

metallic blue business cards

15-Bhavesh Kumar Suru Personal Business Card
A crossword-inspired square business card.

crossword puzzle square business card

16-Qush Beatz
A front and back business card designed for Qush Beatz. The business card was printed on 16 Pt. silk laminated paper with spot UV on the logo.

shiny silk business cards

17-Bilingual business card
Design x Five’s original business cards.

black and white business cards


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