We all want our business cards to be unique, unforgettable and creative. That is why many people are deciding to have their information printed on stocks other than paper stocks. One of the popular option nowadays is having a plastic card. However, if you have a card printed on a plain plastic, it would look silly and plain. That is why business card printers and makers are coming up with an improved version–the transparent plastic cards. I am sure you have already seen some of theseĀ  and you surely agree that these cards look amazing. There are colorless transparent or translucent cards and also colorful ones. To make them even more attractive, you can have hot foil stamping finishing on them.

In case you are planning to have your own transparent cards that you can hand to your clients and friends, it is always helpful to view some inspiring designs available online. To make the hunting easier for you, we decided to come up with a list of 15 transparent business card examples that we found around the web. I hope you will enjoy browsing through each of them as much as we did. To view the details such as the card printer, the process in making these cards, the costs, and other information, simply click on the link found below each preview image.

01- Arterasca V3sessanta – frosted plastic business cards

frosted transparent business cards

02- V3sessanta – frosted plastic business cards version 2

smoked transparent business cards

03- Clear plastic business cards bee design

clear transparent business cards

04- Transparent frosted cards from Lap of Luxury

elegant transparent business cards

05- Wodu Media Translucent Plastic Business Card

translucent business cards

06- Transparent Business Card by Grafanna Advertising

sleek transparent business cards

07- Moving Doc’s Frosted Translucent Business Card

modern transparent business cards

08- Translucent and Crystal Clear Business Cards

crystal clear transparent business cards

09- Transparent Business card by Pinkograf

stylish transparent business cards

10 – Grafix Unlimited

two-toned transparent business cards

11- Digital Fish
This business card makes use of transparent PVC with light blue and silver foil.

pvc transparent business cards

12- Meme
Acrylic sheet business card by MEME Architects.

acrylic transparent business cards

13- Clear Business Card Design for Celebrity Tattoo and Piercing

artistic transparent business cards

14-Plain Joe Studios
Card designed for Plain Joe Studios featuring double sided print on clear plastic.

double-sided transparent business cards

15– Zoo Business Cards: More than an Agency

colored transparent business cards

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