Two-Sided Minimalist Business Card Templates for Designers

For the minimalists out there, here is a set of free minimalist business card templates that you will surely love and enjoy. These templates, which are in Photoshop PSD format, feature a simple and clean style of design. To achieve this clean look, we used light earth colors–ultra light brown and a plain white background. These minimalist business card designs also made use of light and sans serif font type , except the logo name.

4 More Watercolor Business Card Templates

Due to the popularity of our watercolor business cards, we decided to come up with another set of cards featuring this trendy style. Unlike the first set, these business cards are not double sided (with print on one side only). Therefore, you can put all the information you need to put in your card on one side. These cards are for you if you want a spanking cards without spending a fortune. The layout includes a space for your name and your profession and contact details.

4 Free Square Mini Business Card Templates

When it comes to business cards, square is the new black. Here are four free business card templates in 2.5 inches square business cards. Square business cards are smaller, making them easier to keep in your customers’ drawers for future reference. They are also unique and will surely stand out when put side by side with their rectangular counterparts. The front of the card includes only the basic information you need to put in a business card such as name, profession, address, telephone numbers and email address.